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Covid-19 and SBC Outdoor Services

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 by Art Ditzel


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The Covid-19 virus has us all a little on edge these days. As an essential service company, we understand your fears and have made every effort to protect our employees, or customers and our communities. Below are a few steps we have taken to stop the spread of this virus while continuing to operate in a manor that keeps our communities safe, accessible and sanitary.


Virtual Meetings: 

All of our production and sales meeting are now held online through Microsoft Teammates. In times like this, with so many people working remotely, it is more important than ever to make sure the lines of communication are open. Additionally, the sharing of job site information is paramount to executing contracts in a prompt and professional manor. 

Facetime Estimates: 

Trespect the six-foot social distancing guidelines set for by the CDC and WHO, we are offering video estimates. Our clients and potential clients can walk their property and show an SBC Outdoor Services designer exactly what they want without risking contact. In the event that an onsite visit is needed, the designer can stop by and measure alone as they already have discussed the project with the client. 

Email Proposals: 

Covid-19 is an extremely infectious disease and can be transferred on paper. We have gone to all digital contracts and presentations. All of our designs and proposal will now conveniently appear in your inbox, germ fee. 

Onsite work: 

Our crews have been instructed to avoid sharing space with each other and anyone walking past. If a customer has a detailed question, our crews are asking them to call their job designer or production manager. While it is an extra step in the process, we feel that any inconvenience created is worth it to keep ourselves and our clients safe and sound. 


Our crew assignments stay consistent, and we strive to have each of our crews drive to and from work with the same people they commute to the job site with. We are also very vigilant in monitoring and communicate with the crews daily to check for fever or signs of sickness. If a sickness is reported, regardless of how slight, we sit the crewman out until they are symptom free for 48 hours.  


 As with our bids, our invoicing is completely paperless. Once a project is completed an electronic copy of the invoice is sent out and we encourage our clients to pay over the phone with credit cards or to use our financing programs. Checks and money create easy paths to transfer the Covid-19 virus and it is difficult to hand a check to someone without breaking the 6-foot barrier. 

The Covid-19 virus has taken its toll on our world, our county and our community. SBC Outdoor Services is working hard to be a leader in this new era of business. Our goals now and always are to provide a quality service at a competitive price while creating a beautiful environment. To this mission we have now added the desire to do this in a safe, paperless and sanitary way, ensuring that our efforts improve the life of the people we serve. The only infection we would like to be known for is infecting the greater Baltimore area with beauty, color and happiness.





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