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Four Drainage issues around the house and their solutions.

Friday, April 24th, 2020 by Art Ditzel


Four Drainage issues around the house and their solutions. - Image 1

Almost all homeowners and property managers have experienced a drainage problem on their property at some point. Whether the condition has resulted from excessive rain events in the season and not enough pitch to the yard to effectively move the water away from the house. Regardless of the issue, there are always solutions to the problem.


Issue #1: Slope
A majority of drainage problems are caused by an inadequate pitch or slope in your yard which prevents water from running away from a building's foundation. The issue is often complicated by downspouts on the residence that do not pipe away from the rain gutter water from the property. - Solution: Make sure there is a 2%+ grade away from the house or install a french drain system.


Four Drainage issues around the house and their solutions. - Image 2

Issue #2: Front Entrance
Another major trouble area is “the space between the front sidewalk and the house. Usually, the sidewalk will parallel the face of the house with a section at the end turning 90 degrees. The sidewalk will act as a dam and retains the water in that area. Often downspouts are routed into this area which pours all of the water from the roof into this spot as well. - Solution: Tunnel under the sidewalk to run a pipe. Attach a yard or channel drain on the garden side and a dry well on the grass side.

Four Drainage issues around the house and their solutions. - Image 3

Issue #3: Downspout Issues
A lot of new homes often develop drainage problems because builders don’t install downspouts so rainwater tends to stay in one area and is not diverted away from the house. At the same time, downspouts that divert water towards the house instead of away from it are also to blame. Channeling the water to your property line and dumping it into your neighbor’s yard is not the solution. The ideal approach is to figure out how to recirculate it into areas of your yard where it would do the most good. - Solution: Connect your downspouts to 4" drain pipe and run the pipe underground to a dry spot or woods line. Terminate the pipe with a pop-up emitter.

Pop-up Emitter

Issue #4: Impacted Soil Conditions
Often drainage problems can develop at new homes where the soil has been severely impacted by builders or when you install something new in your yard such as a swimming pool. Occasionally companies that install pools will excavate that area and simply distribute that earth around the pool location. If it is hardpan clay soil, it retains moisture for a very long time and may take a year or more to dry out. If you cover that with a lot of fill soil and plant grass seed on top of it, your lawn might never dry out. - Solution: Tilling the area with the addition of new soil will break the compacted soil up and allow water to penetrate below the surface.


Four Drainage issues around the house and their solutions. - Image 5

Regardless of your drainage issue, the pro's at SBC Outdoor Services can help. Call today, before the foundation of your home, is damaged or your lawn is destroyed.

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