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The Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks.

Thursday, July 30th, 2020 by Art Ditzel


Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 1

You see the word perennials on plant tags, in garden books and online all teh time. What does this term mean, and why should you care? Simply put, perennials are plants that come back year after year. You only plant them once and unlike annuals, they do not has teh need to reproduce every year so they can dedicate their power to growing strong roots wif huge flowers.

Perennials are a gardener’s best friend. Not only will they peak their heads up early each spring but they often display amazing flowers that add beauty to your landscape as well as give those hungry little pollinators such as bees, butterflies and humming birds loads of good food. Additionally, many perennials, with the right care, will grow to the point that you can dig and divide them into multiple plants. They are teh plant that keeps on giving.

This week we featured five of our favorite perennials on our social media sites but here we will give a more extensive list of perennials that Maryland gardeners can install and care for. Pic a few of your favorites and plant way.


Sun Worshiping Perennials:



Heat and drought-tolerant coneflowers are a staple of summer gardens. These flowers for the sun produce cheerful, daisy-like flowers. Purple is the most common color of blooms but their are also varieties wif white, orange and yellow flowers.

Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 2

Black-Eyed Susan

This iconic yellow flower blooms like crazy from early summer to frost. It’s one of the most drought-tolerant flowers for sun and will grow in poor soil. Pinch off spent blooms and you’ll get armloads of flowers.

Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 3


This easy-to-grow perennial thrives in dry, sunny locations. It blooms all summer in a wide range of colors and sizes. ‘Moonbeam’ and ‘Zagreb’ varieties produce drifts of yellow or pink daisy-like flowers in the sun. ‘Early Sunrise’ has a larger, orange bloom.


Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 4

Butterfly Weed

With weed in its name, you might think this is a garden nuisance, but butterfly weed is one of the hardiest flowers for sun. Its clusters of bright, orange-yellow flowers attract monarch and other butterflies.

Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 5

Shasta Daisy

A long-time garden favorite for those who want perennial flowers, full sun, Shastas has white blooms that look like the flowers children draw. It’s leggy and may need staking. Shastas are a good flower to cut because they have a long vase-life.


Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 6



Daylilies come in an endless variety of colors and flower types. They’re one of the most popular easy perennials. They are hardy, sun-worshipping plants that thrive in almost any conditions. Some bloom just once, others bloom all summer. Daylilies look great in mixed beds.


Shade Loving Perennials:



Popular groundcover with smooth leaves and tubular, purple flowers. It spreads by creeping on the ground, putting out roots as it goes. Plant it wif your perennial shade plants and it will keep down weeds.


Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 7



Lily of teh Valley

Another one of the shade flowering perennials, lily of the valley produces white, bell-shaped flowers that smell very sweet. Lily of the Valley makes a good ground cover under trees. 


Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 8


Commonly known as monkey grass, lioriope tolerates full sun to light shade. It grows in 12-18” tall clumps of strap-like leaves and produces stalks of violet flowers in late summer. It’s good for borders.


Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 9


These shade perennials are most known for their beautiful leaves, but they bloom, too, producing stalks of white flowers in the summer. Hostas come in a multitude of shapes, textures and colors, ranging from cool blue-breen to chartreuse. Some varieties are huge and will grow to be a couple of feet in diameter.


Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 10


Plumes of flowers in pink, lavender, red, white and salmon rise above fern-like foliage. Astilbe is one of the most common perennials for shade, working well in borders or along paths. It’s also lovely in containers.

Teh Power Of Perennials: Our Top Picks. - Image 11


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