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Improve the beauty and functionality of your commercial property

Commercial landscaping project in White Marsh

The best commercial landscaping provides a functional benefit to your property while improving the area's beauty.

If you own a commercial property then you know how important it is that your entire property looks attractive and provides a functional and useful space. In particular, it is crucial that your yard creates a positive first impression.

That's why at SBC Outdoor Services we offer quality commercial landscaping services. Our team consists of a group of highly experienced landscapers, around 100 years combined, and we devote ourselves fully to every job. From design to installation, you can count on our team to continually impress. We also offer maintenance services so that your landscape will retain its attractive appearance throughout the years.

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Meticulous Design

As an expert landscaping contractor, we make sure to help our clients through every stage of the process and the first stage is always the design. Without a good design the project will never be able to meet our standards for excellence.

Therefore our team will meet with you at the start of your project to create a plan that will impress both visually and functionally. We'll work closely with you to know your goals and intention since every design depends on a successful fusion of:

  • Color
  • Materials
  • Expertise
  • Site location
  • Function
  • And much more

Quality Installation

Once we have a solid design we'll focus on proper installation. While some may think of a landscape installation as just a skill-based process, we view it as an art form. All of our employees are not just taught how to properly install landscaping features, but also encouraged to fuse extra beauty and detail into their work as artists.

This approach gives our employees the freedom to produce the best product using their own unique skills, not just parrot the works of others. The landscape we install for your will be a work of art unique to your commercial property.

Reliable Maintenance

While nothing lasts forever, you can ensure that your beautiful and attractive landscaping lasts as long as possible with proper maintenance. At SBC Outdoor Services our maintenance division employees have the skills and knowledge to provide your landscape with the care it needs. We treat every property like our own and our employees take great pride in helping your property reflect well on you and our reputation.

Features of a commercial landscaping project:

Every commercial landscaping project is different and will require different features. However, here are some of the most common features you might expect from a commercial landscaping project:

  • Greenery & Planting: No landscape is complete without attractive greenery which is why most landscaping jobs involving the planting of new trees, flowers, bushes, and other foliage. The types of greenery planted will generally be decided as part of the design process.
  • Hardscapes & Concrete:Hardscapes are man-made features used for landscaping architecture that can be made of a variety of different materials. These structures provide a great way to add both function and beauty to the landscape. Some of the hardscape options most commonly installed include:
    • Retaining walls
    • Pathways
    • Fire Pits
    • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Bioretention Cells & Rain Gardens: Bioretention cells are small landscaped depressions that help capture and treat stormwater runoff. They are placed in impermeable areas like parking lots and will be between a twentieth to a fourth of the total area. These cells are an eco-friendly option that allows up to 85-90% of stormwater to infiltrate into the ground, replenishing groundwater.

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Quality commercial landscaping is a great way to improve your commercial property. However, commercial landscaping will only benefit your property with skilled design and careful installation. That's why the commercial landscaping experts at SBC Outdoor Services are just what you need.

Get started right on your commercial landscaping project by scheduling your free commercial landscaping cost estimate today! We offer our services in Baltimore, White Marsh, Towson, Middle River, Parkville, Edgewood, Nottingham, Perry Hall, Carney, Overlea, and nearby Maryland!

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